Flawless with TEMPTU

Flawless with TEMPTU 13

I have always been curious about using an airbrush makeup device. As you may have seen in my gift guide, the TEMPTU Airbrush makeup system was on my wishlist for quite a while. Also, I couldn’t but wonder if an airbrush system provides better results and more importantly, how manageable such a system was. Recently I was able to substitute my regular makeup routine with the TEMPTU airbrush-at-home system. And this, ladies and gentlemen, totally changed the game.

Just think about all the germs that you eventually carry on your hands. Keeping that in mind, one might overthink to use hands to apply makeup. That is what makes TEMPTU so amazing.

Although I hadn’t had any experience with an airbrush system, the TEMPTU was easy to put together. The little AIRpods come filled with foundation, blush, highlighter and more. So, if you want to, you can get the hands-free apllication for every step of your makeup routine. The compressor gives you an extremely even and controllable application. I genuinely love the effect that one can get with the foundation – it’s gorgeous. The airbrush application means a very even application and a luminous and lightweight finish. And the best part is: it does not take any longer than my usual makeup routine and it lasts all day.

Flawless with TEMPTU 16

Flawless with TEMPTU 10

STEP 1: For a dewy face, I always apply quite an amount of moisturizer and eye cream to the surface of my skin (more about my skincare routine comes in a following post). I follow with a light layer of TEMPTU AIRpod Foundation in the color 005 beige to achieve a fresh, flawless complexion. The coverage is on the sheer side but is easily buildable until the desired level of coverage is reached.

To do so I turn the dial to 3 o’clock, which is the optimal setting for the application of foundation. I hold the AIRbrush like a pencil, 5-6 inches away from the face, carefully pulling back the trigger. Like that I cover my face in circular motions.

Flawless with TEMPTU 8

Flawless with TEMPTU 15

Flawless with TEMPTU 4

Flawless with TEMPTU 5

STEP 2: Next, I use the TEMPTU AIRpod Blush in 409 Nude Pink by starting at the apples of the cheeks and sweeping upwards towards the temples.

Flawless with TEMPTU 2

Flawless with TEMPTU 9

STEP 3: The last step is the highlighter and there are no mixed feelings about the TEMPTU highlighter – it is fantastic. It doesn’t look overly glowy, but adds the right amount of shimmer when the light hits your face. I apply the TEMPTU AIRpod Highlighter in 301 Champagne into the “C” contour of the eye area and underneath the brow bone.

Get the unit and the products HERE.

Flawless with TEMPTU 7

Flawless with TEMPTU 3

Flawless with TEMPTU 1

Flawless with TEMPTU 12

Flawless with TEMPTU 6

Flawless with TEMPTU 11

Flawless with TEMPTU 14


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  1. Stephanie
    February 19, 2016 / 5:26 pm

    Your makeup is aMazing! Love it ?

    February 24, 2016 / 6:33 pm

    Such a great post!! Love it!! Thank you for sharing!! xx

  3. Sanita
    February 24, 2016 / 9:07 pm

    Youre so pretty! Your makeup looks so soft. I was just wOndering if its not too much time you have to put into using an airbrush sysTem?

  4. February 27, 2016 / 11:24 am

    Elles sont magnifique tes photos ! Bravo xo

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